Sometimes mechanical engineering solutions are beautiful and inspired (ficient design), but it is easy to get bogged down by the small-but-critical details of engineering work.  While you find inspiration for your own engineering craft, we wanted to create a place on the web where mechanical engineers could gather to share, to learn, to teach and to contribute tips, tools and experiences to help each other focus on the big picture of creative design.  This is a place of mentoring mechanical engineers.
This blog was founded by Mike Moussa, a Professional Engineer (registered in TX – mechanical systems and materials).   He has worked in a broad range of industries from manufacturing, to heavy civil construction, R&D, additive manufacturing, product development and satellite communications.  After about a dozen US and international patents, he has learned that engineering sucks when (1) you get so caught up in the small details that you lose site of the big picture of a design and (2) when you neglect those small details so that your otherwise beautiful design turns out to be a failure.
It is our hope that this site will be a community of mentoring mechanical engineers, all striving to improve the safety, beauty and ‘ficiency’ of our work.